Waunarlwydd Rugby Club - Clubhouse Development

In the Autumn of 2023 Concrete Structures and Floors Ltd were approached by Waunarlwydd Rugby Club to supply and install deck and concrete to their new club house.

Waunarlwydd Rugby Club was established in 1900 and has a key role in the local area. Activities extend beyond sports participation to community support. Like many long established community rugby clubs, they identified that their facilities were outdated, in disrepair and no longer fit for purpose. Plans were developed for a multi-level clubhouse, providing facilities for participants and space for local community needs including a hireable function room, which could bring much needed funds to support the future of the club.

The project is being funded through the Sport Wales 'a place for sport' initiative, along with crowdfunding donations.

As soon as our drawings had been approved by the structural engineer we started work on 750m2 of decking. As the project is adjacent to a local school we installed the decking during weekends to prevent disruption to learning and school activities.

Metal decking as part of the new clubhouse development at Waunarlwydd Rugby Club
Decking Installation by CSF to create a new clubhouse at Waunarlywdd Rugby Club

After we had completed the netting, decking and studwelding we moved onto the concrete works. We installed one layer of mesh with U-Bars on the perimeter, as shown below.

Metal decking with mesh added to prep for concrete pour - Concrete Strutures and Floors Ltd, for Waunarlywdd Rugby Club
Metal decking with Mesh Added. Concrete Structures and Floors Ltd for Waunarlwydd Rugby Club

The concrete pour was, luckily, able to be scheduled for the school holidays, creating minimum disruption and allowing sufficient working hours to ensure a high quality finish. We installed the concrete with a power float finish which is ideal for high traffic areas, and it can withstand any wear and tear and is quick and easy to clean.

The client was over the moon with the result and the service they had been provided. For further information on the development of the clubhouse see their Facebook page.