Canal Quarter, Churchill Way, Cardiff

November 2023 marked the unveiling of the new canal quarter in Cardiff. The project, which started in 2022, is part of a wider regeneration plan to develop a new district, in the city, and attract investment, businesses and the building of new homes.

Central to the project is the 70m section of the dock feeder canal, which has been uncovered after more than 70 years. The dock feeder was originally constructed in the late 19th Century to provide a constant supply of water to the Bute docks, allowing for large container ships to dock in Cardiff even in low tide. It helped to make Cardiff a leading port for iron ore and coal.

As Constructionline magazine reports, the development forms an attractive public space, which recognises the heritage of the dock feeder canal, but will also play an essential role in managing traffic flow and surface water drainage in the city centre. This is through the use of specially designed rain gardens with soil and planting which will treat the surface water and remove pollutants before the water flows into the canal. It is estimated that 3,700 sqm of water will be diverted away from the sewage system each year, reducing the cost and energy of treating this water via conventional methods.

Working for the main contractor Knights Brown, Concrete Structures and Floors Ltd, took on a £400,000 project to provide extensive concrete works. This included.

-Architectural Concrete to walls and rain gardens.

-Patterned Concrete to walls and seating areas.

-Structural Platforms for bridges.

Take a look at our work in progress photos and this aerial view.

The canal uncovered prior to the start of concrete works.

Installation of rebar to rain gardens.
Concrete taking shape

Concrete raingardens and walkways