An International Standard BMX Track for South Wales

A new BMX track in Cardiff is being developed by two Entrepreneurs with the desire to bring the BMX experience to South Wales.

Two ramps required construction, a 5-metre ramp for the amateurs and an 8-metre ramp for the professionals.

CSF was approached to complete the concrete works on the project in 2022.  Obviously, we were up for the challenge!

The main ramp at 28 degrees took a lot of planning, with expert knowledge, to ensure we could deliver what the client wanted, a concrete structural topping smooth enough not to hinder the riders as they ride down the ramps.  In addition to ensuring the slab was as specified we had to ensure the safety of our operatives.

We installed mesh reinforcement and formwork to separate the pours into bite size areas to ensure we could maintain quality for each pour of5m3.

Once we started the first of 8 pours all the planning had come to fruition, each went smoothly, and the desired finish was achieved.  This was only possible due to the skills of our experienced operators and with the support from Cemex the concrete supplier who ensured the concrete was perfect for this installation.

There have been several visits from National BMX racing representatives, all have given the thumbs up as well as a very happy client.

We at CSF are very glad we have been involved with a project which will help raise the local area and bring teams throughout the country to compete in national events.

Update March 2024, please see the below link for an aerial view of the site.

After many months of work, and some terrible winter 2023/2024 weather which has prevented finishing work the opening is also now announced - Read more here